Wine Doodles

Wine Doodles

I started doodling a few years ago when my then 10-year-old son asked me to draw with him. I was pleased with the idea of this “parallel play,”  but what was I to draw? I don’t even know how to draw.

“Anything you like.  Wine, maybe,” he said.

Hmm…  I thought I could possibly write a little story and draw a few pictures to go with it. And this would help me in my wine study, too. So, #marisaswinedoodles were born.

As it turns out, doodling has become quite an escape for me. I typically doodle on Sunday mornings or very late at night. It’s a great way to wind down.  I mentioned earlier that I’m not an artist by any means, but I do sure do enjoy doodling.

Certainly, my doodles are not meant to replace wine education, but primarily to inform very broadly, tell a little story, and perhaps even inspire people to discover something about wine. You’ll find some of my doodles to be more quirky than others, and I do inject my own emotions into each doodle, as well as human characteristics from time to time. This is because I tend to relate to wine in terms of personalities as opposed to descriptors.

You say wet rocks?   I say “boy in a blazer taking a short-cut along the river banks”
You say phenolic bitterness? I say “grandma gumming her way at a banana peel.”
You say skin contact? I sing, “hey… maceration” (and then snap my fingers)


Special project for DAVID magazine


My tools:  Canson XL mix media pad, #2 pencil, sharpener, Pink Pearl eraser, and Crayola color pencils. My eraser gets used the most 🙂  After I am finished, I scan it onto my computer to touch it up. The finished product is always 8″ x 8″.

I hope you enjoy my doodles as much as I enjoying doodling. Find them all on Instagram by searching #marisaswinedoodles.