Reviews & Testimonials

“What I love about Marisa’s doodles is that she puts soul and personality into her work. Her international expertise in the culture of wine and her love for it manifests in the originality of her drawings. She not only captures the process, the flavors and aromas, with her intrinsic creativity, she articulates the emotions or personification of the a wine,  thereby transforming a two dimensional drawing to a three dimensional expression.”  
Rachel Martin, Proprietor –  Oceano Wines, New York City/California, January, 2023


“I had the pleasure of working with Marisa on creating doodle designs tailored to our wines. Her work is creative and original but mostly they have the power of making technical aspects look approachable and understandable. The process of creating each doodle was flawless, working side by side with Marisa was a formative experience in itself, her knowledge of wines and passion for what she does really comes through.”
Giulia Formilli – Fendi Wines, Maremma, Tuscany, Italy, December 2022


“Made up of a series of figurines and their respective very short texts: the picture that emerges is, at the same time, amusing, light-hearted and very informative, a kind of miraculous, playful balance. I like to draw and write adjectives while drinking and chatting about wine. If then in the drawings and texts there were some logical didactic vein, I couldn’t even live up to that wonderful little book that Marisa Finetti has just published – she’s a very good wine writer from Las Vegas (but a globetrotter, like all American writers of wine), a signature of Decanter and Wine Enthusiast. No, impossible, I would never reach those levels. Rarely I have encountered so much synthesis ability disguised by simplicity. Simplicity presupposes deep and complex thought. Only if you know a topic thoroughly can you give an effective synthesis.” Read whole story HERE
Angelo Peretti, Author – The Internet Gourmet, Italy, December 2022

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