Rosés for Summer

Rosés for Summer

Hemingway wrote about his favorite rosé, Tavel, in The Garden of Eden, a novel of the perils of adventurous love. While rosés have long evoked romance, perhaps the real love comes from the food and the company that conspire to make the pink wine experience that much better. The gorgeous color and bouquet raise the moment to sheer contentment, and thanks to the moderately low alcohol levels, they allow us to enjoy yet another glass with abandon.

Regardless of how we associate these pink beauties, we can all agree that the time to savor them is now. The best rosés are complex and delicate enough to drink alone, but also equally at ease with the lighter foods of the season, such as salads, charcuterie and most favorites from the summer grill.

“Rosé is what we in the wine circle call a ‘GlouGlou’ style wine—essentially, the sound your throat makes when chugging some really delicious wines,” says Will Costello, Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas’ newly made master sommelier. “Plus, rosé and summer speak to each other, because hot weather needs something refreshing, and rosé is always that!”

Rosés that are in bloom here: Château D’Esclans, “Garrus,” Côtes de Provence 2012 at Twist in Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas; Reuling Vineyard Rosé of Pinot Noir 2013 at Marché Bacchus French Bistro & Wine Shop; and JL Colombo “Cape Bleue” Méditertanée 2013 at DB Brasserie in the Venetian.

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