Sip Trip – What is it?

Sip Trip – What is it?

Ah, the sip trip.  It’s a phrase I’ve been using since the day I realized what an incredible opportunity we have to be a able to connect the juice that is in the glass to a place in the world where it came from.  It is virtual travel at its best. And why is this important? We don’t all have the privilege to travel the world and taste wine while standing on the very soils they come from. Short of having the opportunity, the next best thing is to really appreciate the juice that is in the glass before you. Understanding this idea makes wine extremely special. But there’s more. Wine after all bears on so many things: chemistry, topography, geology, agriculture, biology, culture in general, history and conviviality – all to be discovered in the glass.

In my column, Sip Trip, I will share the pleasure, the inspiration, the culture, the place, and all the magical wonder that is wine.

Having said that, you have to know how I view wine in general. I often consider them like people, complete with personalities.  In fact, I’ve come across many that could quite possibly be my best friends. These are the wines that are alive with authenticity with an obvious vein of deep and gentle kindness and emotional connection, mixed with a smattering of quirkiness and spontaneity.

Then, there are others that may provide great conversation, but sadly they forgot to brush their teeth – you know what I mean.  Not all wines are exactly to my liking; not every person I engage in becomes a friend. But, one thing is for sure –  I appreciate all for their differences and uniqueness.  Whether it be a brief acquaintance, or one that leads to a likelihood of meeting for coffee, to a long-term friendship built on trust and respect, the journey to discovering wine is ongoing and engaging and what keeps me on this path is simple. It’s curiosity.

Are you ready to take the trip?  Join me.



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