Wine is social. What now?

Wine is social. What now?

We are all doing what’s necessary in this time of crisis to stay healthy and protect the health of family, friends, co-workers, everyone. But, we are social animals who love to get together and be among family and friends. Furthermore, if you’re in the business of food and beverage – like many of my friends – more than ever, gatherings are what keep our hearts beating. It’s our work. It’s our love. It’s our life.

But at the moment, we are all sacrificing, whether its from delayed or canceled travel, dinners, festivals, weddings, concerts to numerous other public gatherings. One after another, we are having to make adjustments and compromises. We are also suffering from loss of work, temporarily closing our restaurants and bars and having to lay off our beloved staff. It’s scary. And for some of us, this means we’re spending more time in physical (and emotional) isolation. Can wine still show up to this quiet space?

Of course! But first we should keep in mind that drinking alcohol, especially combined with depression, is not being responsible, especially during a time when we are are fighting to stay well. Always keep in mind the power and potential dangers and consequences of alcohol.

But otherwise, I encourage the idea of continuing to enjoy wine. In good times and in bad, it has remained a beautiful thing over history. It’s a natural companion. And what about food? Together with food, it cradles us in comfort.

Also, while we associate wine with gatherings, wine also has the capability to bring our personal thoughts together. It’s a companion to contemplation, to dreaming, to becoming inspired for a better tomorrow. And finally, wine brings us closer to people in the other parts of the world, especially during these times of isolation.

My suggestion is to get a mixed box of wine at your local retailer or open up some of those wines you’ve been waiting for a rainy day, (because rainy days are actually here). Pick up some delicious food curb-side, too, and also grab a few books. Whether you seek out virtual quarantine meet-ups or remain alone, let’s raise a glass to make the best of this challenging time. Soon, there will be a day when we do can do away with elbow bumps and face masks, and resume our natural instinct to hug, kiss, shakes hands, and ok, touch our faces with abandon.


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