OneHope in a Bottle

What if ordering your favorite varietal, say, pinot noir from Edna Valley, California, helped educate women about their risk of heart disease? That would certainly make every sip worth the price, wouldn’t it? Crafted in collaboration with consultant winemaker Rob Mondavi Jr., award-winning wines from ONEHOPE( make a positive worldwide social impact by aligning specific varietals to different causes. Half of the program’s profits goes to make a difference somewhere in the world; for example, providing clean water, supporting our troops or offering micro-loans to indigenous farms to break the poverty cycle.

To date, 678 cancer patients have been provided with clinical trials from the sale of ONEHOPE chardonnay; 1,105 children with autism have received ABA therapy thanks to cabernet sauvignon sales; and 6,394 pets have found loving homes by way of California pinot noir. Closer to home, as part of the company’s Sands Cares corporate-citizenship initiative, the Venetian, the Palazzo and Sands Expo feature ONEHOPE to benefit Three Square food bank.

“This program will help fund 18 meals to people in need in Southern Nevada, for every 12 bottles of wine sold,” says George Markantonis, president and CEO of the Venetian. Selections available locally include a California cabernet sauvignon and chardonnay.

Previously published at VEGAS SEVEN magazine 9/16/2/15

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