Marisa Finetti joins the Circle of Wine Writers

Marisa Finetti joins the Circle of Wine Writers

Cheers! I’m excited to announce that I’ve been accepted into the Circle of Wine Writers.

Based in the UK and established in 1960 by the late English author and journalist Cyril Ray, the Circle is an association comprised of esteemed authors, writers, journalists, broadcasters, photographers, and educators who communicate about wines and spirits. Currently, there are 240 international members. I am proud to be one of 15 in the U.S.

The Circle of Wine Writers aims to “improve the standard of communication about wines and spirits, to contribute to the growing knowledge of, and interest in wine, to promote wines and spirits of quality, and to comment adversely on faulty products and dubious practices.” As a member of the Circle, I’m privileged with having the support, collaboration, and inspiration of some of the most respected in the industry.

While I truly appreciate when someone reads my stories, there is no better feeling than being evaluated by peers and found worthy of acceptance. I’d like to especially thank
Meg Maker and L.M. Archer, who endorsed my candidacy. I have such great admiration for these two writers!

I look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the Circle.

Photo | Lisa Denning (Cavriana, Lombardy, Italy)

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